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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some Interesting Reads

Here are a few good posts/articles that I've come across recently that you may enjoy.
Dr. Michael Eades on MSG vs Jimmy Moore on MSG
I avoid MSG, not because I experience any physical effects, but simply because I don't think ingestion of possible neurotoxins is a healthful endeavor. I do indulge in cheap Chinese food 2-3 times a year when I inevitably take in some MSG, but as a rule, I avoid it. Avoiding processed, packaged foods is a very easy way to avoid MSG and other possibly unseemly ingredients. Additives like this are further justification for a whole foods-based diet.

Kate Welch had a great post at her blog The Steaks Are High that touched on a study about vegetarian athletes and the need for meat. Looking at the issue logically, there is certainly a need for animal protein in the human diet given that certain essential vitamins and minerals are only contained in meat. There are great athletes that are vegetarian. There are many more that aren't.

Ross Enamait brought us another excellent post on sledgehammer training. I love his training philosophy: high intensity and cheap implements. Even if you're not a boxer, Ross' stuff is top-notch.

I just found Regina Wilshire's blog from Kate's post above and found this piece about enriching grain products with folic acid to stave off birth defects quite interesting. I was going to make a post on an article I found a month ago regarding low folic acid levels, but I lost the link so the post was never created. Enjoy Regina's take on it.

Art Devany posted an entertaining article about Way Too Much Food titled The Age of Miracles and Wonders and Bunless Whoppers. Unfortunately Devany has moved away from posting about health and fitness and has started posting warming.

One of the most important aspects of living a healthy life is controlling stress. Alwyn Cosgrove had a nice post on Stress and Stressors. I don't like the word "overtraining". I think the word "under-recovery" is more applicable to the topic. Good stuff here.