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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Name Change

Well, Jimmy Moore at Livin' La Vida Low Carb called me out about the corny title. So I've changed it. I hadn't given much thought to the title other than to think "people won't understand what I mean by Modern Forager"....well, now I've thought about it and it's time to educate them about what I mean. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors foraged for their food. They hunted and gathered (duh!). We have the pleasure of not needing to go to such ends to meet our energy needs. The good news here is that few people starve to death. The bad news is that we live in extreme caloric abundance...that's easy to see from a quick glance around you. When I say "Modern Forager," I mean a person that "hunts" at the butcher and "gathers" from the produce aisle. A "Modern Forager" respects their evolutionary past and eats food that is inline with their genetic heritage. That means that pretty much anything adorned with a cartoon character or pushed by a celebrity is off-limits. If you can kill it with a stick, it's fair game. When you find a species of tree dropping Froot Loops or Ho-Hos let me know and I'll revise my definition.

Don't feel bad about calling me out Jimmy. It was a needed change! And now, enjoy the same ol' me with a new name. Also added a picture to my profile so feel free to laugh.