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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Erectile Dysfunction and Health

ED Tied to Poor Health

In this study, over 50 percent of subjects with diabetes and 44 percent of those with high blood pressure had trouble achieving an erection either "sometimes" or "always." Ditto for 22 percent of obese men and 26 percent of subjects who reported such sedentary behavior as watching three or more hours of television per day. It didn't matter if they were ogling The Golden Girls or Desperate Housewives. Conversely, only 10 percent of physically active men ages 20 and up reported sexual problems.

It's simple: quality erections require blood flow. Exercise enhances blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, exercise enhances erection quality. Other studies have shown that men with ED were more likely to develop heart problems and other chronic health issues. Again, little surprise that ED is simply a manifestation of a deeper problem. We chalk it up to "aging," that old scapegoat, but it's really an issue of lifestyle. There are plenty of old men that can still do their thing, so why hasn't "aging" affected them? Have they somehow found the magic formula? Are they genetically gifted? I would surmise that it's because they haven't treated their bodies like the other 90% of the population has and therefore are not experiencing age-related decline at the same rate as their peers.

To be healthy, eat a diet based on meat, vegetables, nuts, healthy oils (olive, coconut, and palm), fruits, tubers, and squashes. And get off the couch - do a CrossFit workout, take a martial art, walk the dog, run around the block, go dancing, take yoga...just do something! If you live an active life while consuming a healthful Modern Forager-style diet, you're very likely to keep the bedroom a'rockin'.