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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kids and Weight Loss Surgery

Ross Enamait on Kids and Weight Loss Surgery

Ross Enamait made an excellent post today about kids undergoing surgery for their obesity. Kids!! It is incredulous that a parent would put a kid under the knife for a lifestyle disorder. These are the same parents that couldn't turn Junior away from the Ho-Hos but probably think they're doing him a favor. Be a parent and do what's best for your kids. That doesn't always mean being their friend. They may curse you for not giving them a Twinkie today, but they will thank you tomorrow. Feed your kids the same things that you eat, which is hopefully a diet of meat and seafood, vegetables, nuts, oils (olive, coconut, and palm), fruits, tubers, and squashes. Grains and dairy have little place in a healthful diet. And maybe turning off the TV and PS3 once in awhile and having them go out and ride a bike or play some basketball would be a good thing too.