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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paleo Diet trumps Mediterranean Diet

Say it ain't so Joe! But it is. Imagine that...eating a diet in line with our genetic roots helps people regain/maintain their health. Here is the abstract of the study for those inclined to read such things.

The main result was that the blood sugar rise in response to carbohydrate intake was markedly lower after 12 weeks in the Paleolithic group (–26%), while it barely changed in the Mediterranean group (–7%). At the end of the study, all patients in the Paleolithic group had normal blood glucose.

The main difference between the diets was that the Paleo group consumed more fruit and fewer grains and dairy. It goes back to what I always say: Eat a diet based on meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, tubers, and squashes. There is nothing in a grain that isn't found in fruits and vegetables. I imagine as more of these studies on Paleolithic nutrition roll out, we'll keep seeing these kinds of results.