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Friday, January 05, 2007

More on FDA and Cloning

My Big Beef with Cloned Cattle

This is an article I ran across yesterday on Live Science, a great website by the way, on cloning. The author looks at this FDA decision from several angles that I hadn't considered. One thing I had considered, which Mr. Wanjek also makes note of, is the lack of long-term human safety studies. Is cloned food likely safe? Yes. Has this been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? No. And the FDA isn't known for its consumer-protecting decisions (see Vioxx, etc).

Issue 3 that he brings up, secrecy, is my biggest issue with this whole thing. If meat and milk from cloned animals is perfectly safe, then put it on the market. But let consumers know where their food comes from. Some will not want to eat it for religious/moral reasons, others for health reasons. We are able to see which meats come from grass-fed animals, so why should we be denied the ability to not choose food that goes against our personal nutrition philosophies, whatever that philosophy may be? Unless the FDA is afraid that consumers will reject cloned food... Studies show that a majority of Americans are against it. So they will hide it from us so that we can be against it, but can't do anything about it other than not eat meat.

We have until April 2nd to complain to the FDA. Get on it if you care about your food supply.