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Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Evolution Baby!

'Out Of Africa' Theory Boost: Skull Dating Suggests Modern Humans Evolved In Africa
Earliest Evidence Of Modern Humans In Europe Discovered: Artifacts May Date Back 45,000 Years

I came across these two articles on Science Daily yesterday. One deals with the dating of a human skull found outside Cape Town, South Africa from about 36,000 years ago. It supports the theory that humans evolved in Africa, then moved out into the Fertile Crescent (modern day Middle East), the Near East, Europe, and then on into Siberia and Australia before crossing the land-bridge into Alaska and populating The Americas.

The other article deals with artifacts dated found south of Moscow dated to 45,000 years ago. This is thought to be the earliest evidence of humans in Europe. Artifacts include bone and ivory needles with eyelets, blades, scrapers, and other tools. Also discovered were the remains of large and small animals, including mammoths, horse, bison, and either fish, bird, or both. Interesting stuff!